Eduardo de Carvalho e Forró de Bom

Eduardo de Carvalho e Forro de Bom plays the great hits of Brazilian music, with emphasis on forró originating in Northeast Brazil. Eduardo's career in the United States began in 1998, when he arrived in Bridgeport in Connecticut. He worked in a variety of activities like almost every immigrant, most of them being a truck driver and became a small business owner. After moving to Newark, New Jersey in 2007, he was forced to sell the truck because of the crisis that haunted the country and this led to his founding forró trio "Forro do Bom".

Additional Band Members: Gustavo di Dalva, Tony Mola, Duda Soprani

NY Forro Fest: Videos

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The Great Forro Fiddler Eliano Braz from Ceará Welcomes You to NY Forro Fest 2018!

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Eduardo de Carvalho Supports NY Forro Fest!

Chambinho do Acordeon Supports the NY Forro Fest!

The great musician and actor Chambinho de Acordeon, we thank you for your support!!!

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