The Scene: Forro in New York City


Forro New York

Rafael Piccolletto De Lima founded a website called Forro New York that is dedicated to the New York forro scene. Rafael publicizes forro events and interviews forrozeiros through a weekly newsletter, blog, and other activities. 

Most of the photos and videos on this website were originally taken by or for the Forro New York website, which Rafael gave us permission to use. We consider Forro New York a friend and collaborator, as Rafael is generously volunteering his time and his skills to collaborate with NY Forro Fest.  For more information, please visit:



No story of forro in New York would be complete without a dark, hot, steamy Wednesday night at Nublu. Ilhan Ersahin's brainchild, originally located at 62 Avenue C in the East Village, without even a sign on the door, you know it when you see it - if you don't walk right on by first, and have to turn around. A tiny blue light radiates out the door,, beckoning you in. The steel door is adorned by grimy aqua spray paint, actually a Charlie Chaplan mural, with tonight's lineup gleaming in dusty white chalk scribbled on the outside of the door. Before me and you, and before the internet, forro sounds emanated from this little dive and brought people together. In New York, it's increasingly rare for a gem like this to still be with us, and for that we are so very grateful.